e-GUIDE 2021

e-GUIDE 2021
KRAKOW CITY GUIDE was created to meet the needs of those who are looking for an adventure off the beaten path.

123 pages full of amazing places for just 10
For all who purchase my e-GUIDE this month, you will get updated versions of the e-GUIDE for free during 2021!

What exactly will you find in my e-GUIDE?


Top 9 Coolest Spots For Breakfast And Brunch That Guarantee a Delicious Start to Your Day
They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It makes sense to make it as enjoyable as possible, right? Here's a selection of awesome breakfast hangouts in Krakow that will whet your appetite and fill your cravings. I have personally tested all of them (and don't regret a single calorie). These spots are in close proximity to the Main Square and Kazimierz district.

Top 9 Perfect Places For Lunch
Whilst inspiring, a day of sightseeing in Krakow is sure to make you crave something a little bit more substantial than food for thought. Fortunately, there are some excellent restaurants and cafés around the Main Square area and in Kazimierz that will help renew your energy with a tasty lunch. Not only do these places have delicious food but a special and unique ambience as well. Many of them offer vegan or vegetarian options.

Top 13 Unique Coffee Spots You Must Try In Krakow
Sure, you can get your java fix at a global chain coffee shop. But why follow a well-trodden path? Why not enjoy a cup of joe at one of Krakow's colorful coffee houses, that are full of character and charm? Here is a selection of my favorite spots with the best coffee in town.

Top 12 Hottest Spots For Dinner or Special Occasions
Krakow has some of Europe's best restaurants. That's why it was chosen as the "European Capital of Gastronomic Culture 2019". These restaurants in Krakow make for some of the best dinner spots in the city. I've chosen them because of their lovely interior, excellent food and drinks as well as the atmosphere.


Top 10 Trendiest Bars To Enjoy Cocktails & Drinks in Krakow
Whether you're craving a pre-party cocktail in a vibrant bar abuzz with Saturday night crowds, or looking for a secret hideaway for a quieter evening, Krakow will meet your demands in full. Elegance or hipster chic, a "hole in the wall" or the talk of the town, a quirky basement bar or a rooftop lounge with a stunning view of the city - take your pick!

Top 8 Atmospheric Bohemian Cafes Where Krakow's History Comes Alive
Soak up the history and feel the boho-chic vibe in these authentic interiors.

Top 9 Places That Offer The Best Views Of Krakow
One could argue that Krakow's main attraction is the city itself. Taking in the view is a huge part of exploring Krakow. Here, I've collected the loveliest spots that offer magnificent panoramic views of the city's colorful roofs, iconic churches, tall majestic spires, and beautiful streets. Combine a delicious lunch or dinner with the opportunity to enjoy breathtaking views of Krakow's skyline.

Top 5 Best Traditional Polish Restaurants
When in a new country, we all want to try local cuisine and visit some good traditional restaurants. Here is a list of traditional Polish restaurants that I like the most for their flavor, atmosphere and delicious food.

Top 9 Unique Shops To Buy Original Gifts
Krakow is hardly a shoppers' paradise. Still, it has a great number of antique shops, flea markets, vintage clothing shops, second-hand shops, concept stores, and so on. Here are some ideas for where you can find interesting presents for your loved ones (or yourself).

Top 13 Accommodation Options For An Unforgettable Stay In Krakow
Where to stay in Krakow? So many choices! But don't worry, here you'll find the prettiest options in great locations, with very good rates. I've personally selected them for you - just take your pick and you're good to go.

Exclusive Virtual Tour of Krakow
This tour will take you through the most charming and colorful streets, parks, and squares of the city as well as Krakow's trendiest spots that you simply can't miss.

Tips and Recommendations For Planning Your Trip
When you are planning a trip to another country, you always have a lot of questions and want to know more about the city that you are about to visit. Here, I've collected answers to the most frequently asked questions on my blog.

Other Interesting Ideas On How To Spend Your Time In Krakow
Sometimes the weather is not great for long walks around the city, or you just want to try something new and have an interesting or special experience.
Have a lovely time in the city at whatever time of the year!

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About the author

My name is Margo and ever since I moved to Krakow, this city has been my greatest source of inspiration.

When I launched my Instagram-blog @krakowcityguide, I started to get a lot of questions about Krakow: what to see here, where to stay, where to shop, where to eat, etc. So I decided to share all my experiences with you in this e-BOOK.

If you are interested in unique, classy and trendy places, then this
e-GUIDE is for you.
Here, I've collected all of my favourite spots, including those that are considered Krakow's best-kept secrets!

Each place in the e-GUIDE has a description, photos taken by me, an address, a website link, a link to google maps, and proximity to city districts.

Once you complete your purchase, I'll email you a link to download a PGF file of your e-GUIDE.

This e-GUIDE will work on any device and can be accessed as many times as you need.

123 pages full of amazing places for just 10
I wish you an unforgettable trip to Krakow!

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